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19.0.0 Cloud Release Highlights

19.0.0 Cloud Release Highlights

Product Blog Articles

Check out the latest product blog articles, with articles discussing Feature Integration Dates and summaries of v19.0.0 General Access release topics in a more relatable format.

24.06.05 v19.0 Integration Dates for General Access Features

Introducing iGrafx Process360 Live Version 19.0

24.05.16 v19.0 Login Page Updates and more

New General Access Features

General Access features are features that are fully released and turned on by default, though may still be disabled on a temporary basis in the Early Access page under Admin → Server Settings → Early Access. Disable General Access features when your team has additional training and communications that must be performed in your organization before enabling. These features will be turned to “Always on” at a later date, typically about a quarter after release to General Access.

New Diagram Experience

The diagramming experience is updated with a modern and more spacious look.



  • Left click and drag now lasso selects

  • Right click and drag now pans (moves) the canvas

  • Sidebar panels are floating and may now be customized to any desired order, or left/right only sidebars

For a detailed list of what’s new and an FAQ of where to find functionality, learn more here.

Left and Right Sidepanels with Reordering.gif

Q2 2024 UI Improvements

The Q2 2024 UI Improvements introduces:

  • An always on top level left Navigation bar

  • Black navigation and top bars, aligning with Process360 Live product branding

  • A new Process360 Live logo and favicon


Learn more about navigation bar and branding updates in the Product Blog.

Process Metrics

Consume operational metric insights in the context of your process diagrams with Process Metrics. Overlay metrics on your diagram to relate operational insights, such as average activity duration, customer interaction score, and cost to the process. Use these insights to tell a compelling story, backed up with numbers, or show how well a process is performing within the context of the process itself.

Process Metrics GIF.gif

Shape your narrative or focus on the needs of a particular audience by adding paths through the diagram that focus on both the process steps and metrics only associated with the selected steps of the path.

Paths GIF.gif

Learn more about Process Metrics here.

Value Stream Maps

Value Stream Maps (VSM) enable customers to find and eliminate waste. Create Value Stream Maps in Process360 Live by using VSM shapes and setting the diagram type Value Stream Map, which will enable the VSM Timeline. Process Metrics (referenced above) are utilized to display VSM databoxes in a more modern and clean look. Diagram Defined Custom Properties are utilized to enable custom property values specific to a VSM diagram. A basic VSM template is also included.


Learn more about Value Stream Mapping here.

Archimate Shape Support

Process360 Live now supports Archimate shapes. A default Archimate diagram is included showcasing supported Archimate shapes. Archimate is a visual language primarily used by Enterprise Architects to describe, analyze, and visualize their various business domains.


Visio Import

Import Visio diagrams directly in Process360 Live to get your already created process diagrams into Process360 Live without having to re-create them from scratch.

Learn more about Visio Import, including its known limitations here. Learn more about related activities such as bulk Visio import here.

New Product Configurations

The following features, previously in Early Access, are now released as Product Configurations and will continue to be toggleable on or off in their fully released state.

Enhanced Audit Service

Enhanced auditing insights are now available via REST API. Get more granular insights on who is using Process360 Live, what they are doing, and when they are doing it. Analyze this information in a data analytics tool of your choosing to obtain metrics on process improvement engagement by your organization.

Note: Enhanced Audit Service is default set to on, although if your organization enabled or disabled this feature during Early Access the product configuration is set to the state the feature was in at the time of upgrade to v19.0. iGrafx recommends this feature be turned on so the system starts logging events, even if you do not intend to query the logs at this time.

Learn more about the Enhanced Audit Service here.

Anti-Virus Scanning

Scan external files on both upload and download to Process360 Live with the Anti-Virus scanner to ensure files do not contain known threats.

Note: Anti-Virus scanning is default set to off, although if your organization enabled or disabled this feature during Early Access the product configuration is set to the state the feature was in at the time of upgrade to v19.0.

Learn more about Anti-Virus scanning and its known limitations here.

Auto-open Describes Panel

Enable diagrams to have the Describes Panel open by default when users open an object with action required, or when users navigate to the diagram from the Dashboard Diagram Gadget.

Note: Auto-open Describes panel is default set to off, although if your organization enabled or disabled this feature during Early Access the product configuration is set to the state the feature was in at the time of upgrade to v19.0.

Enable or disable this feature by navigating to: Repository → Advanced → Sidebar Panel Behaviors and toggle the option “Show the Web Diagram Describes panel when opening an object with action required or coming from the diagram gadget”


New Features

New features that are unable to be enabled or disabled.

New Tree Icons

Icons in the tree are updated to be more recognizable and standardized.


Learn more about the icon updates in the Product Blog.

Note: An upcoming Process360 Live version will bring the Tree Icons ordered as shown in the image above.

Diagramming Page Setup - Single Page Default

New diagrams now default to the page setup option “Single Page”.

Note: This does not affect diagrams created from templates. Diagrams created from templates will continue to utilize the page setup options as configured in the template.

Early Access

How to enable Early Access features

How to enable Early Access features

  1. Go to Admin → Server Settings

  2. Navigate to the Early Access tab

  3. Toggle the Early Access features you would like to enable

Note: Features with a (info) icon are in General Access. These features are fully released; customers are provided a temporary window to disable these features to perform internal training and communications before the feature is permanently enabled.


No new features were released to Early Access with the release of v19.0.

Visual Updates

List of minor visual updates made in 19.0.0

This list of visual updates is provided for customers that need specific awareness of UI updates to Process360 Live Design.

Learn More

Search Filters on search results page are now displayed as chips


The Search Bar in the Recycle Bin is visually updated


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