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iGrafx Process360 Live


This documentation is for users and administrators of the iGrafx® application, and will guide you through the most-used features and typical configurations of the iGrafx solution that are performed from the iGrafx web interface. For help using the iGrafx desktop client applications, see the iGrafx Desktop Client Online Help.

We encourage you to use the sections at the left to get an overview of—and to access—topics in this Help, and to use the Search box to find information you are looking for. If you don’t see the navigation tree on the left, you may need to resize your browser window.

What is the Process Management and Design Component of iGrafx Process360 Live?

The iGrafx Process Management and Design Platform, short iGrafx Platform, is a centralized, repository-based solution for organization-wide enterprise modeling, continuous improvement, and transformation team collaboration. Users in various roles can access the platform to collaborate on capturing business information, while viewers can access important information about how their business operates and performs.

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Using this Documentation

This documentation includes topics for both users and administrators.

To help you get started with using key areas of the product, topics cover modeling processes and other enterprise objects, and reporting on object relationships and other model data.

Administrative topics cover installation, migration from previous iGrafx versions, configuration and administration of the system and user access.

Topics covered in this documentation are updated regularly.

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