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24.06.05 v19.0 Integration Dates for General Access Features

24.06.05 v19.0 Integration Dates for General Access Features

Once features are released from Early Access to General Access, iGrafx considers these features fully released. We’ve heard from many customers that they need time to help their organization transition to the updates, which is why General Access was introduced. Features in General Access are released, though may still be turned off for a limited period of time while an organization does internal trainings and communications to ready their team for the latest updates.

Most General Access features will receive an Integration Date for the feature, indicating when the feature will be integrated and no longer able to be disabled by a user. When Integration Dates are implemented, they appear in the Information Icon next to the feature name on the Admin → Server Settings → Early Access page. Hover over the icon to see the date, if one exists.


When features introduce substantial changes to the user experience, I also plan to post a Product Blog article on these updates as well, such as this article.

Integration Dates for all General Access Features as of v19.0

New Diagram Experience = August, 2024

Q2 2024 UI Improvements = August, 2024

Process Metrics = July, 2024

Value Stream Maps = July, 2024

Visio Import (Cloud Only) = July, 2024

Paths = July, 2024

Archimate Shape Library = July, 2024

NET Dates and Timeline Philosophy

All dates posted are NET dates: No Earlier Than. This means features will not be integrated earlier than the posted date, although we reserve the right to delay the date of integration at our discretion. The primary reason we might delay an integration date is because a customer reaches out and demonstrates how a feature, as implemented, inhibits their ability to perform business activities. We can’t promise we’ll delay an integration, but we do want to do our best to work with you.

General guidance for the timeline on Integration Dates for features is as follows (though subject to change):

  • Features that add net new functionality (example: Process Metrics) will typically be approximately 2 months from the date of release to General Access

  • Features that modify existing functionality (example: New Diagram Experience) will typically be approximately 3 months from the date of release to General Access

How do I test these features before rolling them out?

We are working through providing a more meaningful solution in this space. The answer to this right now is to turn these features on while others aren’t working to generate the training material you need. We’re not quite ready to announce our planned solution here, though know that this is an experience we are working to improve.

Why Integrate Features?

If you’re asking why we force features to be on when we clearly have the ability to enable them to be toggleable, you’re not alone. Enabling configurability increases product complexity, which over time leads to more bugs, slower development, and general difficulty driving toward a cohesive and excellent user experience.

When we integrate a feature we also change code behind the scenes that removes the ability for the feature to be toggleable. Instead of taking away configurability from customers, we’re defining what the product is. This process of defining the Product is an important step in enhancing our ability to move the product forward, to innovate, and to work with you on solving the business problems you face today.


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