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Diagram Defined Custom Properties


This page discusses the Diagram Defined Custom Properties (DDCP) feature on the web diagram. 

A Designer, or Architect license is required to create and edit web diagrams this includes using Diagram Defined Custom Properties (or equivalent User Extensions ).

You can create custom properties to hold information not predefined in iGrafx, and even to create custom relationships between objects. Similar to configuring Custom Properties on a repository level, Diagrams can now capture modeling data specific to the diagram at hand.

(warning)  DDCP is currently in Early Access and must be enabled by your system administrator.

How to add a Diagram Defined Custom Property

To Add a Custom Property in the diagram select: File Manage PropertiesCreate Property

The basic settings

  1. Display Name: The name of the property you want to be displayed to users.

  2. Property Name: The internal name of the property

    1. The field with be auto filled in similar to how Repository Configuration → Custom Properties does it. If you manually change the property name field it will no longer auto generate if you change the display name.
  3. Description: Provide a helpful description of the information this property holds, why it exists, etc.

  4. Property Type

    1. Text:

      1. Choose Single Line, Multiple Lines, or Collection of Unique Text Fields. With a collection, the user enters each text field separately with an Add  command.

      2. Specify any limit on the number of characters that the user may enter. Note that this affects database size, as many characters will be allocated for any object that can have the property value.

    2. Number: Choose the precision of the number (e.g. Integer or Floating Point).

    3. Date, Date and Time, or True/False: No additional settings are required.

    4. Selection List:

      1. Choose Single Value  (1 of N), or Multiple Values  to select multiple values (M of N) from the list.

      2. Click ADD OPTION  to add each option the user can choose from the list; enter a Label the user will see; the ID is automatically generated  from the Label.

      3. If you want an Alphabetical (A to Z) order, then click Custom Order, click Reorder, drag-drop items to order, and click Reorder  again to finish.

    5. Repository Relation:

      1. Under Relationship Type, choose whether the relationship is To a single object, or To multiple objects.

      2. Control the types of repository objects that this custom property can be related to by clicking Restrict relationships by object type.
    6. Duration, Distance, Percent: Value and unit properties. No additional settings are required
  5. Restrict diagram elements by type
    1. Clicking on text provides the ability to restrict the property to only show up on certain shapes. Clicking Remove all element type restrictions will remove any restrictions resulting in the property showing up on all shapes.

How to edit a Diagram Defined Custom Property

To edit a Property in the diagram select: File Manage Properties →

Settings Allowed to be edited

  1. Display name

  2. Description

  3. Sub categories of properties (if applicable):
    1. Text:
      1. Single line
      2. Multiple lines
    2. Selection list options
      1. Adding
      2. removing
      3. editing
      4. reordering
    3. Repository relation
      1. Restrict relationships by object type
  4. Diagram Element type restrictions

How to remove a Diagram Defined Custom Property

To remove a Custom Property In the diagram select: File Manage Properties

Permissions to use Diagram Defined Custom Properties

There are no permissions that limit the creation, updating, or deleting of diagram defined custom properties beyond permissions to modify diagrams.

Where Diagram Defined Custom Properties can be seen/used

Diagram defined custom properties can be found in the following locations:

  1. Custom properties panel after selecting a shape
  2. Display fields panel under Custom Properties - Diagram Element (with the new display fields feature flag enabled)

Note: The following features aren't currently supported for DDCP

  • Narrative
  • Reporting
  • API (CRUD)
  • Exported Flowcharter Diagrams with Custom Data do not import into Process360 Live diagrams
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