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24.05.07 v19.0 Contrast and Custom Logos

24.05.07 v19.0 Contrast and Custom Logos

v19.0 continues to bring more visual updates in pursuit of creating a more usable, engaging, and modern design for the product. Alignment with Material Design and ongoing work to enable a seamless experience between Process Modeling and Process Mining are significant aspects of our overall strategy. While more changes are underway, the ongoing efforts have reached a clear tipping point in favor of the superior experience of the new design.

The changes discussed in this post will be part of the Q2 2024 UI Improvements Feature and be released directly to General Access. This means that while these features will be enabled by default for users with v19.0, they may still be disabled for a limited period of time as you determine a path to move forward.

This blog post covers the following topics:

  • Dark Top Bar and Navigation Rail

  • Process360 Live Logo

  • Updates to Custom Logos

  • Plans for Custom Logos

Dark Top Bar and Navigation Rail

The Top Bar and always on Navigation Bar now have a dark background.


This change increases the contrast between the main navigation space and the active activities of a user and is shown to increase discoverability of content in the Product.

Process360 Live is now used as the default logo in Process Design. Additional efforts are underway to improve the Product identity – expect to see on-going changes that subtly enhance the emphasis of the Product, the Product name, and cohesion of Product details.

Updates to Custom Logos

Custom logos will need to work with light and dark backgrounds as a result of the update to the top and nav bar background color updates.

The following recommendations are made to optimize logo display in Process360 Live:

  • Support adequate contrast with dark backgrounds

  • Suggested size for custom logos is 32px tall by 272px wide

  • If your custom logo is non-rectangular use:

    • PNGs with alpha channels

    • an SVG

Plans for Custom Logos

Custom logo implementation in Process360 Live will shift to support display of the Process360 Live product name and logo in addition to the custom badging of your organization. To accomplish this, Process360 Live will eventually become permanent in the space where custom logos go now. Custom logos will subsequently be applied to Repositories and given a place of greater prominence. This aligns with our strategy to have a cohesive Product identity while also enabling customer badging to ensure users understand they are using products sanctioned for your organization.

This change will further benefit our large corporate customers containing multiple brands under the same parent organization, each using different repositories within the same environment.

Another blog article will be posted on moving custom logos to repository logos when more details become available.

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