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Strategy, Goal

Strategy objects describe a long-term plan of action to achieve a particular Goal. They serve to group related Strategies, Goals, and Performance Indicators. Strategy objects reside in the Strategies top-level repository tree folder. Strategy objects can contain component (child) Strategy objects.

Goal is a component of a Strategy, and consists of a projected state of affairs. Goals can contain child Goals and Performance Indicators.

Performance Indicator can be a component (child) of a Goal, and documents a specific measurement made in the organization, such as inventory level. Performance Indicators are used to define measurements on the enterprise. Roll-up performance indicators are used to aggregate sets of similar Performance Indicators, to summarize the state of similar measurements.

Together, these objects form the core of the Strategy Model, and help ensure the success of the enterprise through performance management, such as using the Balanced Scorecard methodology.

Can Contain

Strategy Folders can contain:

  • Strategy Folder
  • Strategy

Strategy Objects can contain:

  • Strategy
  • Goal

Goals can contain:

  • Goal

All folders and objects under Strategies can contain:

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