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Shortcuts allow you to place links to certain repository items in the repository folders or objects to which they are relevant. This has the obvious benefit of allowing you to propagate these items at other appropriate locations in the repository without having to duplicate them.

In addition, before Copy and Move commands were added in the 17.2 release, users could duplicate a repository item by creating a shortcut and then follow the steps to Disband a Shortcut.

You can create Shortcuts to the following repository items:

  • Strategy
  • Goal
  • Requirement
  • Control and Control Instance
  • Process
  • Journey, Moment, Touch
  • Capability
  • Product
  • Business Service
  • Interface
  • Work Product
  • Class
  • Risk and Risk Instance
  • Opportunity and Opportunity Instance
  • Performance Indicator
  • Diagram (web-authored)
  • iGrafx Client Documents (.igx files)
  • External File

You can't create Shortcuts to these repository items:

  • External Agent
  • Resource
  • Table
  • Chart

Add a Shortcut

To add a shortcut as a child object of an existing object or folder:

  1. Click a repository object text label (or folder text label) in the repository tree to highlight the object
  2. Click ADD OBJECT at the top of the repository tree
  3. In the Select drop-down, choose Shortcut
  4. Under Details, you have the option to:
    1. Type an object name in the Search field and select it when found
    2. Click the Show Tree switch, expand folders, and select an object
  5. Set additional options as desired
  6. Click FINISH

Disband a Shortcut

Disbanding a Shortcut removes the link to the original repository item and replaces it with a copy of that item. This means that you can use shortcuts as a method to duplicate items at appropriate locations in the repository.

To disband a Shortcut:

  1. Select the Shortcut by clicking its name in the repository tree
  2. In the right frame, choose the SHORTCUT tab
  3. Click Disband and then click CONFIRM DISBAND


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