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Process, Activity

Process objects represent the series of actions involved in producing the products or services provided by your enterprise—a sequence of operations and events that produce an outcome. Process objects can be composed of other Processes (sub-processes) or Activities, often indicated by increasing levels of detail, related together in a hierarchical structure. The set of Process and Activity objects define the enterprise process 'landscape' or 'architecture.'

Process and Activity objects reside in the Processes top-level repository tree folder.

Activity objects represent the lowest level objects in the process architecture. Please be aware that you can’t add a child Process to an Activity and you can’t convert an Activity to a Process. So if you want to add more Process hierarchy under an Activity, you would need to delete the Activity and replace it with a new Process, and then add Activity objects under that new Process.

Can Contain

Process Folders can contain:

  • Process Folder
  • Process

Process objects can contain:

  • Process
  • Activity

Activity objects can contain:

  • Activity

All folders and objects under Processes can contain:

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