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Using Repository Item Properties

Objects in the enterprise model have standard properties that are assigned to them at creation and other milestones. They can also have custom properties defined for them that can be set manually and required at check-in. These properties are viewable on the Item Properties tab of the object's page in the enterprise model.

To view an object's item properties:

  1. In the repository tree, click the object name to highlight it.
  2. Click the ITEM PROPERTIES tab.

The Item Properties tab presents a collapsible list of standard properties and, if present in the repository, custom properties for the selected object.

For Document Folders, Item Properties are also listed in columns in the Contains section of the Folder tab.

Standard Properties

Standard properties are set when an object is created, checked out, submitted for approval, or approved. For information on selecting the Item Properties to display in a repository, see Managing Repository Item Properties.

Custom Properties

Custom properties are defined locally in the repository for the specific purposes of your enterprise. Unlike standard properties, their value can be assigned directly on the Item Properties tab for any object that they apply to, and can optionally be required to be specified when an item is checked in.

For information on defining custom properties, see Configure custom properties.


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