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iGrafx Platform Dashboards

Dashboards provide a place for you to set up at-a-glance views of important status and performance metrics for your enterprise.

View Dashboards

Use one of the following methods to display a dashboard.

To view in the Dashboard area (where dashboards fill the screen):

  1. Click the Hamburger icon 
    in the upper left of the iGrafx Platform
  2. Click Dashboard
  3. From the Dashboard drop-down, choose a dashboard

To view in the Model area (where the repository tree is displayed in the left frame):

  1. Expand the Dashboards root folder of the current repository
  2. Click the dashboard name you wish to view
  3. In the right frame, click the Dashboard tab

Create a Dashboard

To create a new dashboard:

  1. Click the Dashboards root folder of the current repository or a child Report Folder name to highlight it
  2. Click ADD OBJECT at the top of the repository tree
  3. In the Select drop-down, click Dashboard
  4. Click CONTINUE
  5. Type a Name
  6. Under Gadgets and Layout:
    1. Choose Empty or
    2. Choose Copy From Existing Dashboard. You then have the option to:
      1. Type the name of an existing dashboard in the Search field and select it when found
      2. Click the Search icon
        to display a list of existing dashboards
      3. Turn on the Show Tree switch to select a dashboard from the repository Dashboards tree
  7. Set additional options as desired
  8. Click FINISH

You can now add gadgets to your new dashboard and, if you copied a dashboard, modify the configuration of copied gadgets.

Add Dashboard Gadgets

In a newly-created dashboard, or at the bottom of an existing one, there are ADD NEW GADGET buttons. Click one of these buttons to add a gadget in the corresponding space. A context menu appears, prompting you to choose one of the following gadget types:

  • Chart – A graphic display of data. See Chartfor more information.
  • Table – A tabular display of data. See Tablefor more information.
  • To-do – A list of cycle group action items that you need to complete, including items to review, approve and endorse.
  • IFrame – This gadget lets you bring content from a specific web page into your dashboard by providing the page URL.
  • Rich Text – Place formatted, static text content on your dashboard with this gadget.
  • Performance Tree – A "traffic light" tree display of multiple Performance Indicators. The Performance Indicator Aggregationdetermines the color of the traffic lights.
  • Custom Object List – A definable list of specific objects or all objects of selected types.
  • List Report - A list of objects and related properties or relationships to other objects.
  • Video - An iFrame gadget that allows for embedding videos via URL.
  • Diagram - An interactive diagram canvas gadget with zoom controls and an Open button to access the diagram area.
  • Quickstart - Add a Create Diagram button and convenient access to any object or folder in your repository.

Example: Add a To-do gadget

To add a To-do gadget:

  1. With a Dashboard displayed, click ADD NEW GADGET at the desired location
  2. Select To-do from the options presented
  3. The Dashboard now displays the To-do List. If a user has items to Review, Approve, or Endorse, they will be displayed, as shown below:

Resize a Gadget

  1. Place the cursor over the lower-right corner of the gadget
  2. Drag and drop the corner to a new location

Move a Gadget

  1. Drag and drop the gadget header to a new location not occupied by an existing gadget

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