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Performance Indicator Aggregation

To calculate the rollup of performance indicator values in an object tree hierarchy, an aggregation algorithm is used.

Be aware that only those performance indicators displayed at your permission level are taken into consideration. Performance indicators that are modeled under a repository tree object but are not shown at your permissions level are ignored. Therefore, users with permissions levels above or below yours may see different ratings for the same aggregated performance indicator.

Performance indicators with a Weighting setting of None are interpreted as informative, are excluded from aggregation, and have a traffic light rating indicator that appears gray.

The formula for the traffic light rating aggregation algorithm is shown below, where:


T = Traffic Light Status (Green, Amber, Red)

W = Weighting (Very Low to Very High)

V = Visible (Yes or No)

Tres1 is the status of the resulting traffic light indicator at the next aggregation level. The algorithm is fully recursive—if the aggregated Ti is a Tres from a previous cycle, an artificial medium weight is assumed.

If Tres1 falls in the middle between two rating categories, the higher-value (worse) traffic light indicator is displayed.


Tres1Aggregated Traffic Light Color

< 1.5


=> 1.5


=> 2.5



Two performance indicators are rolled up into another one. One is currently red; the second one is amber; both have the same weighting and are visible to the user.

Tres1 will return 2.5, and the aggregated rollup performance indicator will have a red traffic light indicator.

This algorithm is documented here for your information only. It is not modifiable.

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