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Error: All items on this page must be matched to continue the import.


During registration of an existing repository you might experience the error "All items on this page must be matched to continue the import." after your user mapping. This error indicates that there are too many user mappings so that the application server cannot process the request.


You have the following options to successfully register your repository.

1. Register the Repository via the REST API using the following instructions: Register a repository via the REST API


2. Set the maxParameterCount parameter in the configuration of the application server, see steps below

Set the maxParameterCount in the connector to a higher value. 

  1. Go to the installation folder of the iGrafx platform
  2. Find the file server.xml in the directory Apache-Tomcat-9.0.xx/conf 
  3. Find the <Connector> tag that is used for your installation (commonly the one with the attribute port="${igrafx.http.port}", but might be a different Connector tag when using SSL) and add the attribute maxParameterCount="1000000" to the tag
  4. Save the file
  5. Restart the platform
  6. Try to register the repository again

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