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Work Products

Work Product objects are the data, information, or business objects that flow between External Agents, Processes, and Activities. For example, a Work Product can be the order for a physical product that the enterprise produces, such as a golf club. A Work Product Outgoing object indicates the activity or process creates the object. An Incoming Work Product object implies the activity or process must receive the Work Product input before the work at that process or activity starts.

Work Product objects reside in the Work Products top-level repository tree folder.

Work Product Settings

On the SETTINGS tab for Work Product objects, check boxes let you assign or remove three Work Product Layers: Business, Information, and Data. Work Product Layers allow indicating levels of abstraction and provide meaning to hierarchical relationships. For example, consider an invoice. The business layer object is the actual invoice; the ‘physical’ paper that is sent to the customer. The information layer objects make up the invoice; for example, customer contact info, products ordered, etc. The data layer is the individual data objects that an information object is made up of; e.g. the address, phone number, name, etc. within contact info, and could be a specific as a data field such as country code for a phone number.

  • Business: These are real-world objects. Examples of such objects include products, sales orders, and revenue.
  • Information: These specify information about real-world objects and therefore are digital representations of entities typically in an Information System (e.g. Oracle ERP, SAP, etc.).
  • Data: The data hosted by business applications which might part of information and business objects. For example, call duration in a claims process.

Work Product Flows

To create a work product flow:

  1. Click the name of a Work Product, Process, Activity, or External Agent in the repository tree
  2. Click the RELATIONSHIPS tab
  3. In the Work Product Flows section of the tab, click ADD
  4. Specify a Source Process, Activity, or External Agent: 
    1. Choose Source unspecified or and select the source with one of these methods:
      1. Type the name of an existing Process, Activity, or External Agent in the Search field 
      2. Click the Search icon 
         to display a list of existing Processes, Activities, or External Agents 
      3. Turn on the Show Tree switch to select a Process, Activity, or External Agent from the repository tree 
  5. Click CONTINUE
  6. Specify a Target in the same manner you specified the Source
  7. Click FINISH

Can Contain

Work Product Folders can contain:

  • Work Product Folder
  • Work Product

Work Product objects can contain:

  • Work Product

All folders and objects under Work Products can contain:

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