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WinHttp Error 12175


Connecting the iGrafx Desktop Client to the iGrafx Platform result in an error message:

WinHttp Error 12175.
A security error occured


When using HTTPS and certificates, the user has to make sure that the windows machine completely trusts the server certificate when the iGrafx Desktop Client needs to connect to a server using HTTPS. While browsers offer the ability to connect to a page with an untrusted certificate, ignoring the security implications, the iGrafx Desktop Client will not allow this. The iGrafx Desktop Client - if encountering an untrusted certificate - will issue a WinHttp Error 12175 instead.


For testing purposes, i.e. using a self-signed certificate, this can be resolved by adding the self-certificate to the Trusted Root Certificate authorities on the machine the iGrafx Desktop Client is installed.

In a production environment you need to make sure the certificate chain is correct.

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