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What effects does changing the shortname of a repository have?

You are able to rename your repository display name and shortname within the iGrafx Platform administration interface as described here: Managing Repositories
As a cloud customer, you can send in a help request via our Service Desk ECHO at

Changing the display name will only affect the appearance of the name within the iGrafx Platform and Desktop Client, but more care needs to be exercised when changing a repository's shortname.
The shortname is embedded in URLs and because of that, a variety of things are affected that we list here, so you can take the appropriate steps.

Items affected by a repository shortname change

  1. Any already delivered emails from review, approval, endorsement or acknowledgement cycles, as well as other notifications pointing to objects in the repository will not work anymore. Emails sent out by the platform after the change will contain the correct URL.
  2. Any URL-based hyperlinks to addresses containing the repository shortname (like dynamic links) will need to be adjusted manually.
  3. Any URLs in customized email templates may need to be adjusted.
  4. Any Rich Text Gadgets on dashboards that contain links to URLs within the repository may need to be adjusted.
  5. If you are using the iGrafx Desktop Client, any IGX documents containing hyperlinks to other documents or repository objects will need to be adjusted.
  6. Any links from external sources (like an intranet, browser bookmarks etc.) that point to objects within the repository will need to be adjusted.

Items not affected by a repository shortname change

  1. Any links created within the iGrafx Platform using the "Link to → Repository Object" functionality (in shapes, shape notes, object summaries etc.) will continue to work without manual changes.
  2. Links to other diagrams using the BPMN shape "Call Activity" will continue to work without manual changes.
  3. Shortcuts and glossary references will just work.

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