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Advanced Configuration

How to set advanced configuration options

There are two common ways to set configuration properties for the iGrafx Platform. Either through Java system properties, as a command line option or via the file in the base directory. The recommended approach is to use the file. Setting an option via the system properties varies depending on which type of installation and application server you are using.

Setting an option via System Property

Some options can only be set via a Java System Property. Setting an option with this method will depend on your application server and environment. The option will have to be set the same way that the igrafx.basedirectory setting was configured.

Setting an option via

To configure the platform via the file, simply edit the file (which is located in the base directory) and add a new line with the property name and its value, like this:


Save the changes and then make sure to restart the platform. If you are using a clustered installation, make sure that all nodes use the same value by having all nodes use the same file.

Available options

Configuration property nameDefault Value (Type)DescriptionConfigured in

30000 (milliseconds)

The number of milliseconds between full text indexing runs. The full text indexer makes sure content in the iGrafx platform is searchable. After every indexing run, the indexer will wait for the given number of milliseconds until it checks again if new content was added that requires to be indexed.System property or

Determines the security policy for the X-Frame-Options header the server sends. By default it is set to sameorigin, where the platform allows frame inclusion from within the same server. Can be also set to deny (do not allow any frame inclusions) as well as disable (allow frame inclusion from any location). Note: Excel document previews for external files will not work if set to DENY.

System property
In certain configurations, the Application Server does not correctly recognize that it is running in HTTPS mode and cookies do not get marked as "Secure", leading to cookies being available on non-HTTPS URLs. To enforce secure cookies in these environments, set this property to true. If the property is not set it will retain whatever Application Server configuration is applicable.

System property (17.5.2 and later) boolean value that determines if the REST API is enabled during the installation. This flag only applies when installing a new platform (not on upgrades). Can be set to false or true (for fully automated deployments)System property

86400000 (milliseconds)

The number of milliseconds the age of an Excel preview cache folder is retained before it is deleted from the cache directory. (This is for each specific version of an Excel document previewed.)System property or

10000 (milliseconds)

The number of milliseconds the Excel preview caching cleanup will wait after startup of the application before beginning.System property or
igrafx.caching.cleanup.excel.fixeddelay86400000 (milliseconds)The number of milliseconds the Excel preview caching cleanup will wait between intervals.System property or
igrafx.caching.enterprisemodel.timestamp.persistFrequencySeconds 30 (seconds)The number of seconds between writing the timestamp with the latest enterprise model change timestamp to the databaseSystem property or  (18.2.4 and later)


Important Note for customers still using iGrafx Desktop Clients of version 17.2.0 or earlier

Disable the CSRF protection for endpoints that are used by the iGrafx Desktop Client. This setting should ONLY be used if you have users running iGrafx Desktop Clients of version 17.2.0 or earlier that need to connect to a 17.2.1 or newer platform instance. Disabling the protection allows both newer and older clients to connect until all Clients have been upgraded to 17.2.1 or later - at which point CRSF protection should be re-enabled. Can be false (protection enabled) or true (protection disabled)

System property (17.2.1 and later)

or (17.2.3 and later)


1073741824 (bytes) / 1 gb

The maximum allowed size for a single file upload.System property


1073741824 (bytes) / 1 gbThe maximum allowed size for an entire upload request.System property


2097152 (bytes) / 2 mb

Size threshold after which files will be written to diskSystem property



A boolean value that determines whether the Platform displays relationships created automatically in iGrafx Desktop Client diagrams based on the containing diagram and swimlane. Note that while this historically could be disabled on a diagram by diagram basis - this setting allows for all of the relationships to be hidden without any content rework.

Note that automatic relationships will still appear in the iGrafx Desktop Client

System property (17.2.1 and later)


A string value that determines the behavior of the default login form in SAML authentication scenarios. Can be one of the following:

  • false, which means no login form is available when SAML authentication is enabled.
  • true, which allows users to login if they explicitly go to the /Login URL of the respective platform, but will forward them to the SAML IDP in other cases. Not recommended for permanent use in production because session timeouts may occur for users with SSO and will redirect them to the platform login page instead of the Identity Provider for automatic re-login.
  • primary, which will make the login form the default behavior and only allow SAML authentication if it is IDP-initiated.
System property or
igrafx.usercentral.saml.maxauthenticationage7200 A number in seconds that indicates how long authentication statements from SAML assertions are allowed to be valid at most. By default this number is set to two hours, but various SAML IDPs have authentication statements that are valid for weeks or even months. This property needs to be adjusted for example for standard SAML configurations for MS Azure Active Directory/Office365 and Google when used as an IDP.System property or
igrafx.usercentral.ldap.forceuuidretrievalfalseFor user directories that are not Active Directory, you can use this property to enforce the use of a UUID binary attribute. Use the igrafx.usercentral.ldap.uuidcolumn property to define which attribute contains the UUID to identify your users and groups across synchronizationsSystem property
igrafx.usercentral.ldap.uuidcolumnobjectGUIDWhen synchronizing users and groups, we use this LDAP attribute to identify users across subsequent synchronizations. This is a binary attribute that does not change for any given user or group over time. If using Microsoft Active Directory, we use the objectGUID attribute by default. If this attribute does not exist, we revert to using the DN (for groups) or the login name attribute (for users) to synchronize instead. If you want to use this attribute with a directory that is not AD, make sure to enable igrafx.usercentral.ldap.forceuuidretrievalSystem property
igrafx.restapi.enabledfalseA boolean value that can be used to enable the REST API. If false, no calls to the API will be possible and certain extensions may cease to work. This flag should only be used if the UI to enable/disable the REST API is not available in the Platform Administration section under Support → API.UI, System property or
igrafx.restapi.enabled.basicauthfalseA boolean value that enables Basic Authentication for use with the REST API. Setting this flag to true will only work if the REST API is enabled (see above). This flag should only be used if the UI to enable/disable the REST API is not available in the Platform Administration section under Support → API.UI, System property or
igrafx.restapi.enabled.apikeyfalseA boolean value that enables the use of API keys for authentication with the REST API. Setting this flag to true will only work if the REST API is enabled (see above). This flag should only be used if the UI to enable/disable the REST API is not available in the Platform Administration section under Support → API.UI, System property or



A boolean value that enables logging of audit data. Setting this flag to true will override the UI to enable/disable audit logging in the Platform Administration section under Support → Audit Settings.UI, System property or
igrafx.auditing.expiration.threshold7776000A number in seconds that indicates after which time existing audit data should be deleted (Defaults to 90 days).System property or
60000 (milliseconds)The number of milliseconds between checks for scheduled effective dates of approved objects.System property or

Default locale in the format language_COUNTRY (en_US for English/America for example). This setting is used if the user locale cannot be determined at the time of requesting it, e.g. for email notification language for users that have their language set to auto-detect.

System property


* The exact name of the property depends on how the database was configured in the iGrafx Platform. See description >

Overrides the JDBC URL that is used to connect to a database. If you want to override the JDBC URL for multiple database connections, you will need to create multiple system properties.

The exact name of the property depends on how the database was configured in the iGrafx Platform.


Depending on which values were specified when configuring the iGrafx Platform - it will be one of these:

  • igrafx.database.jdbc.url.%HOSTNAME%
  • igrafx.database.jdbc.url.%HOSTNAME%.%DATABASE_NAME%
  • igrafx.database.jdbc.url.%HOSTNAME%.%INSTANCE_NAME%.%DATABASE_NAME%

For example, if the database name is "myrepodatabase" on hostname "myhostname" and no instance name is being used, the property name would be:

  • igrafx.database.jdbc.url.myhostname.mydatabasename

If the instance name was "myinstance", the property name would be:

  • igrafx.database.jdbc.url.myhostname.myinstance.mydatabasename


The property name is in this form:

  • igrafx.database.jdbc.url.%HOSTNAME%.%SID%.%SCHEMA%

System property (17.4.2 and later)

igrafx.database.batchsize50The number of custom properties processed per batch when loading the Item Properties page.System property (17.6.1 and later)
igrafx.object.copy.delay50 (milliseconds)The number of milliseconds between each object when copying multiple objects.System property (17.6.2 and later) boolean value that disables the ability for an Administrator to make changes to the email templates. When enabled, the customized email templates are still used. Making future changes to the templates requires a Platform restart with the value set to false.System property (17.6.2 and later)
igrafx.please.wait.delay1500 (milliseconds)The number of milliseconds before the "Please wait" screen is shown when an operation is taking a long time.System property (17.6.2 and later)
igrafx.upload.fileextensionsallowedAll file types are allowed

A comma separated list of whitelisted file extension types allowed for External Files. (Note: Do not put extra white space characters in list, or dots before the extensions.)


  • igrafx.upload.fileextensionsallowed=jpg,jpeg,png,gif,txt,doc,docx,pdf

System property or  (17.6.2 and later) not set

A comma separated list of allowed origins for CORS requests (Cross Origin Resource Sharing). By default, browser-based AJAX requests to the platform can only be made by the platform itself. If you would like to call the iGrafx Platform API from within other browser-based applications, you can provide a list of domains (including protocol and port, if applicable) that are allowed to make CORS requests to the API. Set this to *  to allow any domain access to API resources via the browser


System property or  (17.6.2 and later)



A boolean value that determines whether initiating an Approval Cycle vote shows the table highlighting the differences from the previously approved version.System property ( and later) true A boolean value that can be used to disable processing of requests coming from MS Office applications. Office applications use link-scanning to determine link URLs in Word and other documents. Since those links will by default be redirects to the respective authentication page, all links followed from Office applications normally end up on the login page. We are rejecting all requests by default to allow these links to work correctly. Should you require the default-link behavior for any reason, you can disable this feature by setting the property to falseSystem property (17.7.1 and later)
igrafx.cycle.poolsize10The number of concurrent jobs the cycle scheduler can run at one time. If automatic cycles/reminders fail with deadlocks due to high volume, this can be lowered so that less transactions are happening at once.System property ( and later)


15The number of times to retry an action that has deadlocked. When retrying, a random wait happens before the retry. If there are a lot of transactions happening at once and they were all to retry at the same time it wouldn't help, so the transaction waits a random time between igrafx.backoff.minperiod and igrafx.backoff.maxperiod before trying again.System property ( and later)
igrafx.backoff.minperiod50 (milliseconds)The minimum period of time to wait before retrying a deadlocked transactionSystem property ( and later)
igrafx.backoff.maxperiod3000 (milliseconds)The maximum period of time to wait before retrying a deadlocked transactionSystem property ( and later)
igrafx.autocomplete.maxresults250The maximum allowed number of autocomplete results that can be returned at one time.System Property (17.7.2 and later) maximum number of recipients that a single email can have when being sent. (This applies to the number of BCC recipients on any emails sent in 'bulk'.)System Property (17.7.2 and later)
igrafx.cyclegroup.pendingvotermax250The maximum number of pending voters cycle permission checks are performed on before the Cycle Manager is prompted to check for permissions separately.System Property (17.7.2 and later)
igrafx.cyclegroup.cycleparticipantmax25The maximum number of cycle participants shown in the Cycle log and Historical Cycle log for Review, Approve and Endorsement Cycles before the information is shown in a paginated report.System Property (17.7.2 and later)


falseWhen a user logs in for the first time, they have to set their locale (like US English). When an upgrade is performed, users have to set this again. This setting suppresses that selection so the users maintain their original locale choice.System Property


This parameter setting will only accept http or https URLs. "file:///" URLs will not work.System Property
igrafx.mail.aggregator.schedule0 0 0 * * *Specifies the cron schedule for how often aggregate cycle reminder emails are sent.  Uses standard cron format.  Default value is once a day at midnight.System Property (17.8.4 and later)

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