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Installation and Base directories

There are two locations that are referenced in several places in this manual

Installation Directory

The installation directory is where the actual application code is located. It only applies to installations using the predeployed Tomcat. The installation directory in the predeployed Tomcat package contains the following folders by default:


Base Directory

The base directory contains files and directories that need to be retained between versions of the iGrafx Platform. These are mostly configuration files and folders that contain temporary data and logs. In the predeployed Tomcat installation, this is the igrafxdata directory. The base directory is required in all installation types (EAR, WAR, Predeployed) and is defined via a Java System variable igrafx.basedirectory when starting up your respective application server.

Important Files

There are several important configuration files in your installation that need to be backed up when upgrading or when moving to a different server. The files, their default location and purpose are explained in this section.

Base Directory/dbconfig.xmlThis file contains the information required by the iGrafx platform to be able to connect to the database. When moving your database server, renaming your database etc. this file can directly be edited to adjust the location.
Base Directory/igrafx.propertiesThis file contains configuration settings for the different authentication methods. Depending on your Authentication Setup, different properties will be set. The initial file created during the installation also has information about each property and when to use it.
Base Directory/log4j2.xmlThis file contains basic logging settings and locations. While this file can be changed and adjusted to accomodate logging system needs, most of the time it is recommended to use the 2023-01-09_15-27-22_Configure Logging Settings admin section within the application.
Installation Directory/apache-tomcat-x.x.xx/conf/server.xml

The server.xml file is applicable when using the iGrafx Platform with Tomcat. It contains information about which ports to use, if to use HTTP over SSL on Tomcat or the actual URL if the server is behind a reverse proxy.

If you have modified the file from its default, as the file is not located in the base directory, it is important to back it up when upgrading your server. After the upgrade you will need populate your customizations back into the server.xml file that came with the new version. Usually your customized version can simply overwrite the existing file, but to be sure that is the case, please follow the specific version upgrade instructions.

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