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Changing the default session timeout of the iGrafx Platform


If the default timeout after which a user gets logged out of the platform due to inactivity should be changed, you can follow these steps. The default timeout is 60 minutes for any platform instance. After that period of time, if a user performs no action within the platform UI, they are logged out. When they perform the next action in the platform, they may see a logout dialog or automatically be forwarded to the login page with a timeout message.

Remediation (Version 18.4.0 and later)

Set the timeout by changing your Java configuration. Run the following command

manage_service.bat iGrafxPlatform

inside the windows subdirectory of your iGrafx Installation. On the Java tab, add the following JVM argument:


Replace 60 with your desired timeout in minutes. Save the settings and restarting your iGrafx Process Design instance.

Remediation (Version < 18.4.0)

If you want to increase the session timeout of your Predeployed iGrafx Platform, find the file INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY/apache-tomcat-x.x.xx/igrafx/iGrafxWebApp/WEB-INF/web.xml  and open it in a text editor. Find the following text and replace the number with your desired timeout in minutes.


After adjusting the timeout to the appropriate number and saving the file, restart the iGrafx Process Design instance for the changes to take effect.


This session timeout also applies during SSO scenarios, but due to the underlying automatic authentication of your SSO provider, you may not realize you are automatically being logged in again after a session timeout.

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