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Changing Server Settings

Server settings include general server configurations settings and database settings, which are described in the following sections.

Changing the configuration variables on the General Configuration page should be left to the administrator of your iGrafx Platform server.

General Configuration Settings

The General Configuration tab lets you specify and change settings relevant to your iGrafx Platform server configuration.

  1. Choose the Administration area, and then Server Settings.

Specify or change the following settings as necessary:

  1. Site URL : The URL for the home page of the iGrafx platform web site. This URL will be used in emails to make working links to iGrafx Platform pages.
  2. Tab Name Prefix : The characters entered will appear before at the beginning of all iGrafx Platform browser tabs
  3. Custom Version : A version indicator string of your own choosing, to distinguish different deployments and versions of your iGrafx Platform instance.
  4. Proxy server and port (servername:port) : This setting is only specified if: 
    1. You wish to activate a License with the License Management, "ACTIVATE LICENSE ONLINE NOW" command and / or wish to use the Server Settings, "UPDATE CHECK" command and
    2. Your network requires the iGrafx Platform to connect to other web sites through a forward proxy server
  5. Default Landing Page : Specify an iGrafx Platform page displayed to users immediately after login. 

    For example, if you wish for a diagram to be the landing page:
    1. Navigate to the diagram to display it.
    2. Copy the URL from the browser address bar and paste it in the Default Landing Page field.
    3. Remove the server name component so that a URL like this "" becomes this "/Process/GlobalCorp/obj/6051"

  6. Language Selection : When a user logs in for the first time, they are prompted to select which UI language they wish to use.  In a repository configured for multilingual content - this also sets the default content language.
  7. Default Breadcrumb behavior : Determines whether new users see the navigation breadcrumb with object ancestry (the folder hierarchy) or the recently viewed objects.
  8. Time Zone: Select the default time zone to use for date displays. Uses can use their Profile page, Settings tab to specify a Time Zone display appropriate for their location.
  9. Print to PDF: Advanced setting for On-Prem deployments only. In some deployments fonts from the server may override fonts with the platform if this is turned off. However, in some circumstances PDF printing may crash if auto detection of fonts is on.
  10. When done making changes, click SAVE in  the lower, right corner.

Database Settings

The Database Settings page lets you change the settings for the iGrafx platform's database.

  1. Choose the Administration area, and then Server Settings.
  2. Click the DATABASE SETTINGS tab.

For more info regarding the platform's database, see the Database Setup page.

Video Providers

The Video Providers1 page lets you configure the available OEmbed providers for the iGrafx platform. Once an OEmbed provider is registered, authors can insert playable video or other content. Providers must implement oEmbed, a widely-adopted standard for content embedding.

  1. Choose the Administration area, and then Server Settings.
  2. Click the VIDEO PROVIDERS tab.

1 CLOUD  Video Providers are a new iGrafx Cloud feature

Early Access 

The Early Access page lets a Platform administrator optionally enable access to upcoming features.

  1. Choose the Administration area, and then Server Settings.
  2. Click the EARLY ACCESS tab.

Update Check

  1. Choose the Administration area, and then Server Settings.
  2. Click the UPDATE CHECK tab.

    If a newer version of the iGrafx Platform is available then a message provides the details.

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