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No thumbnail is showing when embedding videos from Microsoft Stream


When embedding videos from the Microsoft Stream Video service into rich text areas like shape notes, no video thumbnail is visible and instead a generic Microsoft Stream logo is displayed.


Microsoft Stream does not support video thumbnails via OEmbed at this time.


It is not possible to force thumbnails for Microsoft Stream Videos via embedding, but if critical, a thumbnail can be uploaded as an image and then used as a hyperlink to your MS Stream video. However, this will then not leverage the iGrafx Platform video embedding mechanism and will navigate the user to Microsoft Stream, and is only recommended if this is acceptable. Otherwise, we recommend using the generic thumbnail and having an explanatory text below it.

When embedding Microsoft Stream videos on a Dashboard via the Video Gadget, a thumbnail will appear. This is because on the Dashboard, the video actually gets immediately loaded, which shows the Thumbnail within the video player. This is not an option in other rich text areas as it would cause a lot of potentially unwanted requests to the video URL when perusing the platform.

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