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Desktop Client: What happens to my files when I upgrade and use a new version of the iGrafx Client?

When you upgrade or move from one major version of iGrafx to the next version, including to the latest version, please consider the following upgrade tips:

  • All your iGrafx file data is still usable. The latest upgraded version of iGrafx can read all prior versions of iGrafx data, and several versions of other applications' data. 
  • The file format could change. Any files saved to the new (upgraded) version format will not be readable by older versions of the software.
  • You can save to a prior version format from the latest iGrafx versionHowever, some data loss (e.g. loss of data that uses new features) may occur.
  • Do not run in a mixed-version environment. You should upgrade all your installed iGrafx software to the new version. This is particularly important in a repository environment; all clients should be upgraded at the same time.
  • You can publish iGrafx files to electronic format. Publishing makes it easy for people with older versions (or without iGrafx) to view the software. You can also have them install the free viewer.

Please see the following solution articles for more detail on moving (upgrading) to a new version of iGrafx:

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