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Desktop Client: Can I mix running the latest iGrafx application version with earlier versions?

If you are considering running a mixed version deployment, where some users are at one major version of iGrafx (e.g. A.x), and other users are at a different major version (e.g. B.x), please note that we do NOT recommend running iGrafx versions in a mixed version environment.

Running in a mixed environment requires users of the latest version of iGrafx to save .igx files in the prior version file format; which, by definition, removes data from the file. The data removed would primarily be associated with the new features of the latest version, but might remove other data such as simulation report results.

We support the ability to save to older versions for backward compatibility, but strongly recommend against it for production work. Therefore we recommend that you upgrade all the users in a specific work group to the same version of iGrafx.

If you desire to evaluate the latest iGrafx version prior to upgrade deployment, we recommend that any editing be done with non-production files to avoid the possible issue of older versions of iGrafx not being able to open newly edited files from the latest version.

Note that updating to a new minor version of the software, e.g. from version x.Y to version x.Z (to get the version of your software, go to Help menu, and choose About iGrafx) will not create the same version incompatibility issues. In general, however, you should NOT mix major versions of software.

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