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Desktop Client: SharePoint Link Resolution causes "Not enough memory" error when adding a link in shapes


When trying to create a "File or Web Page" link to a shape that is a URL to a Microsoft Sharepoint server, the iGrafx Desktop Client shows an "Out of memory" or "Not enough memory" error and aborts the link insertion.


The iGrafx Desktop Client has a builtin preprocessing of the linked document that attempts to analyze the linked file to provide linkage to pages in a PDF or other interactive file formats. This processing can lead to issues that cause an "Out of memory" error.


There is no workaround directly in the iGrafx Desktop Client to create these links, but a configuration option that can be set via the Windows Registry Editor
  1. Close the FlowCharter (Desktop Client) if currently opened
  2. Open the Registry Editor via the Windows Search
  3. In the Editor, follow the path to: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\iGrafx\FlowCharter\8.2\Settings
  4. Right click into the Setting folder → New → DWORD and enter the name: DisableSPLinkResolution
  5. Double click the newly created entry
  6. Change the value from 0 to 1 and save
  7. Start your FlowCharter

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