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Desktop Client: How to create a custom order for diagrams in an IGX document

If you create multiple diagrams within one IGX Document using the iGrafx Desktop Client, it is likely you want them displayed in a certain order within the Client and when browsing the iGrafx Platform.

While there is no built-in custom sorting mechanism for document components, the following rules apply for how diagrams within one IGX document are sorted:

  1. When in the Document Components  panel (View → More Windows → Document Components), the individual diagrams and other parts of the diagram can be arranged hierarchically to make navigation easier.
  2. Inside each level and when viewing the diagrams within the Platform, the ordering is alphanumeric

Step-by-step guide

To change the order to a custom order, we recommend renaming your diagrams and adding a numeric prefix to put them into the desired order

  1. In the Document Components  panel, right-click the diagram to rename
  2. Click Rename 
  3. Enter the name, like 1 - General Flow
  4. Press Enter 
  5. Repeat the process for each diagram that needs a custom order

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