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Enterprise Model warning when adding IGX file to repository


When adding an IGX file to your repository, or when working with multiple repositories, you might get a warning stating that "This document is already linked to the enterprise model in a repository".

This article explains what this means and some of the side effects moving an IGX file to a different repository might have.


When an IGX document is first added to any repository (saving the IGX document only ever on your hard drive does not have the same effect), it is imprinted with a unique identifier, so that the document and repository can reference each others content. This includes usage of the repository-wide resource- and enterprise model, as well as some other repository-specific functionality.

Since it is not possible to have one IGX document belong to more than one repository, this warning message on checkin/adding makes you aware that certain types of links will be removed when proceeding.
Following is a non-exhaustive list of document- and diagram level attributes that may be removed when pressing OK and proceeding

  1. Describes-relationships at the Diagram- and Shape level
  2. Repository Links on Shapes and Fields
  3. Repository-level custom property values

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