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Desktop Client: Resolving installation issues involving VBA


On certain Windows systems, depending on your administrative permissions and version of your operating system, you may run into issue installing the iGrafx Desktop Client. Commonly, these issues relate to the way Visual Basic (VBA) is installed alongside the client, which is needed to enable certain customizations and extension projects.


The following steps can be used to extract the MSI files and manually install the iGrafx Desktop Client and VBA files
  1. Download and install the latest 7-zip corresponding to your computer/operating system from
  2. Right-click the iGrafxClient-17.x.x.x.exe  and select 7-Zip  → Extract to iGrafxClient-17.x.x.x 

  3. You should now have a folder with a variety of files, including several .msi  files, as shown below:

    Copy the path of this folder from the address bar into your clipboard

  4. Using the Windows Search Bar, type in Command Prompt and right-click the appearing icon to select Run as Administrator
  5. Change into the directory that you have extracted earlier via the cd PATH  command
  6. Run the following three commands in order, replacing <key> with the Desktop license key you will be using. Leave ADDLICENSE out, if you do not yet have a license key - you will be able to add it later.
    There will be no popup or interaction modal when running these commands in order

    msiexec /i setup.msi /q ADDLICENSE=<key>
    msiexec /i vba71.msi /q
    msiexec /i vba71_1033.msi /q

  7. You should now be able to run the iGrafx Desktop Client from your Start menu
  8. Optional: You can now go to Help  → About iGrafx  to add your license keys:

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