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Desktop Client: Dealing with Roaming Profiles and Check in of documents


If you are using Citrix and Roaming Profiles and a Repository, you may have issues being able to "Check In" files that were "Checked Out" while logged on to a different machine.  Even though the issue of getting access to where the correct temporary files are stored is handled, the iGrafx Repository has a special check to make sure people don't accidentally Check In other people's files.  Because Citrix allows this Roaming concept, this check will engage and cause problems in a Citrix environment.

Therefore, we implemented a special Registry key to provide our Citrix customers a way to control what happens at "Check In" time.


Below is a summary of the possible settings for such a configuration:

The key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\iGrafx\Flowcharter\8.2\Repository" can have a DWORD value by the name of "TerminalServicesCode" that can have the following values:

No Key present in registry: Use the Machine name of the computer logged on to Citrix at checkout time, as the value to check against when checking back in.  If the machines are different (roaming profile), the check fails and the user cannot checkin the file. This is the default state of an installation on Citrix (or any other type of environment).

Numeric Value of 1: Try to figure out if terminal services (Citrix qualifies) is running and use the session ID at Check Out time. Then at Check In time from another machine, since this session ID would normally be the same, the Check In works as expected.  The only issue with this is whether iGrafx is able to determine if terminal services is running.

Numeric Value of any other Number: Disable the check at Check In time.  This will allow it to work in a Citrix environment with Roaming Profiles, but removes the built in "safety check" attempting to make sure no one checks in something from another user.

String Value: Means "Use this string as the name for the machine name".  This hard-codes a name per user in the roaming registry to use. This provides maximum flexibility for making sure the check passes and that the Check In is valid, but also requires the most maintenance.

Your Citrix administrator should be able to determine the correct setting for the registry key, and set the key as appropriate for the Citrix environment.

Note: We do not recommend that you edit the registry unless you are comfortable doing so, as severe problems can occur from improperly editing the registry. Please ensure you backup and can restore your registry if you edit it. The Microsoft knowledge base has more information on backing up and restoring the registry.

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