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18.4.0 Datacenter Highlights

18.4.0 Datacenter Highlights

Product Blog Articles

Check out the latest product blog article, featuring more details on v19.0 that are planned to release in May.

24.04.16 v19.0 New Icons, Tree Ordering, and more


Administrative Transfer of Checked Out Diagrams

Administrators may transfer checked out diagrams, including the associated draft state of the diagram, to another user. Use this functionality when a user no longer has permissions to Process360 Live and has valuable draft work in progress.


Transfer Draft as found in v18.4.0


Transfer Draft with “New Diagramming Experience” Early Access feature enabled

Note: v19.0 will enable “Transfer Draft” functionality via API

Early Access

How to enable Early Access features

How to enable Early Access features

  1. Go to Administration → Server Settings

  2. Navigate to the Early Access tab

  3. Toggle the Early Access features you would like to enable


New Diagram Experience Now Stable

New Diagram Experience is now feature stable. The feature will release to General Access in May 2024 with v19.0. Small changes may continue to be made as additional customer feedback is provided. If you need to update training documentation consider turning this feature on just for yourself (not the whole server) in advance of the General Access release with v19.0. Navigate to: Profile Picture in top right → My Profile → Early Access and toggle New Diagram Experience


Note: This update changes left and right mouse button functions when the New Diagram Experience Early Access feature is enabled. Learn more about plans in the Product Blog.

  • Left click hold mouse dragging performs lasso select

  • Right click and drag performs canvas panning

Process Owner

A new field exists on Diagrams and Process objects called Process Owner. Update the process owner on the Details tab by clicking the box next to the Process Owner.


Identify Process Owners to determine an individual person that owns a process or diagram and acts as the point of contact for the process or diagram. Process owners may be reported on, updated via API, and added to diagram headers and footers.

Learn more about Process Owners here. Turn on the Early Access feature “Process Owner” to use this feature.

Advanced Search with Queries

Search for specific objects using “Query” searches on the Search Results page. Type in IQL queries to return specific search results and get to the list of objects you need more quickly.


Turn on the Early Access feature “Bulk Object Changes” to use this feature.

Bulk Edit Relationships

Update relationships on multiple objects simultaneously in one update action by using the “Bulk operations” button on the Search Results page.

Use this functionality when you need to update relationships on objects in a bulk action, such as during a reorganization and where many RACI relationships need to be updated across many objects.

In order to get a curated list of objects you want to bulk edit, use the Bulk operations feature with a Query search. By using query searches with the Process360 Live IQL query language you can return a narrow set of results aligning with your needs. Individual search results may still be added or removed from the bulk operations as required.


Learn more about Bulk Editing of Relationships here. Turn on the Early Access feature “Bulk Object Changes” to use this feature.

Note: Bulk Operations do not overwrite or duplicate relationships.

Visual Updates

List of minor visual updates made in 18.4.0

This list of visual updates is provided for customers that need specific awareness of UI updates to Process360 Live Design.

Learn More

IGX diagram comment dialogs and comments list are updated to match the style and functionality of web diagrams

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