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Chapter 2.5: Process Owner

(warning) This feature is part of our Early Access program, and may be disabled on your instance. Your system administrator can enable this feature for your entire organization. How to enable Early Access features

Setting a process owner

  1. The new field can be found in the details tab, under the name display. Clicking the grey chip will open a dialog for selecting a user. Once a user has been selected, that user's display name and email (if available) will be shown.

Diagram info popup

  1. If a user has been assigned as a process owner, it will become available in the diagram's info popup as well.

Header and Footer

  1. Diagram headers/footers also have a tag for displaying the process owner. 


  1. Reports have access to processOwner as a filter and property. (The email for the user is not available within reports, however.)

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