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Why does my File Preview not look the same as when I open it on my computer?


When using the View File  button on Dashboards or the Details tab of an External File object that supports it (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe PDF), the preview does not accurately reflect what I see when I open the file in my corresponding web- or desktop application.


The iGrafx Platform cannot always display and accurately render external file formats. Certain features, layouts and capabilities of these file formats are not available on the web at all, while others may only be partially functional. The View File  feature should be considered a preview only for any files that are not images or videos.


To see an accurate and exact version of the document you are trying to view as part of your work or when participating in a cycle, we always recommend to use the Download File  button and open the file in its native application (most commonly Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat).

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