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System Requirements Datacenter

Applicable Versions17.7 and newer

The following specifications refer to the components that are installed to provide the core iGrafx platform functionality as well as platform extensions that enable additional platform capabilities.

iGrafx Platform Browser Access

Applies to users accessing any iGrafx® product via a web browser.


For the best user experience, use the latest versions of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge®.

Provided the browser version is still under official public support by their manufacturer, iGrafx supports Microsoft Edge®, Google Chrome™ and Mozilla Firefox®.  Microsoft Internet Explorer® is no longer under official public support (see below) and is therefore no longer supported.

iGrafx Platform support for Internet Explorer ended on August 17th, 2021.  This is inline with Microsoft's announcement to cease public support of Internet Explorer® 11 for its remaining 365 applications on that date, and our policy regarding supported versions.

Internet Explorer is no longer supported, and cannot be used in version 17.8.3 and later. Users who attempt to access the iGrafx Platform using Internet Explorer will be prompted to use a supported browser.

Mobile access works best on tablets with mobile versions of the browsers mentioned above, or those included with IOS® or Android™ operating systems, provided that both the browser and operating system are still under official public support by their manufacturer.

iGrafx® requires a Web Browser with HTML5 support.


JavaScript must be enabled.

iGrafx Platform Application Server

An iGrafx Platform deployment consists of minimum on application server and a database server (see below). For increased performance it is recommended to separate the application and database server on separate (virtual) hardware and not combine them on a single machine.

Java Application Server


iGrafx pre-deployed Tomcat 9.0

Minimum / Compatible

One of the following application servers is required:

  • Apache Tomcat 9.0
  • Apache Tomcat 8.5

Compatible Application Servers

Oracle GlassFish is no longer supported as an application server for the iGrafx Platform as of version 17.4. The iGrafx platform - EAR file download has been discontinued.

Java Virtual Machine (JVM)


OpenJDK® Java™ Runtime Environment version 11.0.4 or newer

Minimum / Compatible

Oracle® Java™ Runtime Environment version 11

Oracle® Java™ Runtime Environment

As of 17.7, the iGrafx Platform no longer supports Oracle® Java™ Runtime for Java 1.8, 9 and 10.  Java 11 is the minimum compatible version.

Operating Systems



All editions of Windows Server 2022

Minimum / Compatible

All editions of Windows Server 2022
All editions of Windows Server 2019

All editions of Windows Server 2016
All editions of Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows 10.x

Compatible Operating Systems

Linux Operating System compatibility is deprecated in the 17.7 Platform release. iGrafx will no longer provide documentation or guidance through support regarding the use of Linux Operating Systems for the iGrafx Platform.


Please additionally check system requirements for your chosen Application Server and Operating System. The system requirements of the Application Server and Operating System supersede the iGrafx® System Requirements. The below requirements define the available free resources available for the operation of the specified iGrafx® software component on the Application Server.



See Server Sizing Recommendations

Minimum / Compatible

Physical or virtual CPU, 3GHz or greater, 2 cores or more



See Server Sizing Recommendations


At least 2 GB available for the JVM



500 MB of free hard disk space to be used by the application server itself, configuration files and log files.

Customer hosted Cloud

Customer-deployed Platform as a Service (PaaS) web application services and PaaS database providers like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud are NOT supported.

If you require a cloud based solution you must use the services instead.

We do support the use of virtualized servers, also known as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), to host the web application server or the database server.





Local and LDAP directory (i.e. Active Directory) via:

Basic (credentials), SAML2, Kerberos, Siteminder / CA**, J2EE preauthentication.

** Siteminder authentication not available for the iGrafx desktop client, see SiteMinder/CA SSO authentication.

SSL Protocols


TLS 1.2


SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2

Two Way SSL

Supported for accessing the iGrafx® Platform via a web browser.

Enforced two way SSL disables the use of the iGrafx desktop client.

HTTP Verbs/Methods

Firewall or other network settings must not block any of the following HTTP verbs/methods: PUT GET POST DELETE PATCH

Microsoft® SharePoint® Compatibility

iGrafx supports integration with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and 2013.

Database Server for iGrafx Platform

The iGrafx platform requires either Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle Database Server.

Microsoft® SQL Server is preferred over Oracle databases, and required in Platform version and later.

Express Editions for Microsoft SQL or Oracle

iGrafx has added support for the Express versions for testing and demonstration environments only. In addition, you must get this software from the Oracle or Microsoft website, and you must follow their installation directions to make certain all pre-requisite software has been properly installed on a supported operating system. As with all 3rd party software it is the customer's responsibility to comply with the applicable licensing terms, especially for the Express editions of databases which can be very different between the available releases.

Database vendors have put significant runtime limitations on Express editions that may make it impractical, or sometimes even impossible, to use them in a production environment with substantial documents or user counts

 While the license terms of some releases allow the use in a production environment we don't recommend the use of Express editions for such.

Please see the SQL Server documentation for system requirements of the database server.

Database sizing

The required space allocation for the database depends on the desired usage patterns, documents and objects stored in a repository. We recommend to separate the tables required for administration and the actual data of a repository into separate databases.

See Server Sizing Recommendations for common sizing and growth estimates.

Microsoft® SQL Server


SQL Server 2022 Standard or Web Edition

Minimum / Compatible

All editions of:

SQL Server 2022
SQL Server 2019
SQL Server 2017

Microsoft® SQL Server 2016 is not compatible with v19.0 and above


Oracle Databases are no longer supported

Oracle Databases are no longer supported in Platform version and later. The last version to support Oracle Databases is

Supported JDBC Drivers

Microsoft® SQL Server: Microsoft SQL JDBC Driver

Oracle®: Oracle JDBC Driver 6 or 7

When using JDBC over JNDI, the respective drivers needs to be made available by adding them to the classpath of the application server. This procedure is different for each application server.

iGrafx Repository Migration Tool

See 2022-04-28_13-15-10_.System Requirements Ancillary Tools v17.8

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