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System Requirements Cloud

Applicable Versions17.7 and newer

The following specifications refer to the components that are installed to access the iGrafx Cloud platform from an end user device.

iGrafx Platform Browser Access

Applies to users accessing any iGrafx® product via a web browser.


For the best user experience, use the latest versions of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge®.

Provided the browser version is still under official public support by their manufacturer, iGrafx supports Microsoft Edge®, Google Chrome™ and Mozilla Firefox®.  Microsoft Internet Explorer® is no longer under official public support (see below) and is therefore no longer supported.

iGrafx Platform support for Internet Explorer ended on August 17th, 2021.  This is inline with Microsoft's announcement to cease public support of Internet Explorer® 11 for its remaining 365 applications on that date, and our policy regarding supported versions.

Internet Explorer is no longer supported, and cannot be used in version 17.8.3 and later. Users who attempt to access the iGrafx Platform using Internet Explorer will be prompted to use a supported browser.

Mobile access works best on tablets with mobile versions of the browsers mentioned above, or those included with IOS® or Android™ operating systems, provided that both the browser and operating system are still under official public support by their manufacturer.

iGrafx® requires a Web Browser with HTML5 support.


JavaScript must be enabled.


Access to the URL of the deployment on https port 443 is required.

Firewall or other network settings must not block any of the following HTTP verbs/methods: PUT GET POST DELETE



Platform is fully qualified and full support will be provided for platform specific issues.


Platform specific issues will be investigated and supported where possible.


The bare minimum requirement to start the listed product or service.

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