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Steps to create a support ZIP with log files for troubleshooting

Frequently, when working with our Customer Success and Support team, we will ask you for a support ZIP file. This diagnostic file contains some general information about your iGrafx Platform instance and health, as well as can be outfitted with log files to help troubleshoot and investigate the events going on in your platform. Commonly, we will ask you to attach this file to your ECHO Service Desk tickets at

Step-by-step guide

You can create a support ZIP (including relevant log files) by following these steps

  1. Go to Administration → Support → System Information 
  2. Scroll down to Create Support ZIP 
  3. Toggle Include log files in the Support ZIP  to on
  4. CTRL click through all files in the below dropdown, or at least select the igrafx_server.log  file
  5. Click Download Support Information  in the bottom right
  6. A ZIP file will download that you can attach to your ECHO ticket or email.

If you forget to select the right files after turning on the checkbox, no log files will be attached. Be sure to toggle Include log files in the Support ZIP  and select all files in the list below.

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