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Clearing System Cache

The iGrafx Origins Platform caches many things in order to improve performance and decrease load on the database server.  If you see something that appears to be out-of-date with its current state, you can try clearing the cache to see if that solves the problem.  Note that if clearing the cache does resolve the issue, then it signifies a bug in the iGrafx Origins Platform, and a bug report should be filed using the iGrafx Service Desk; manually clearing the cache should not be required.

Caches cleared during the process:

  • Users
  • Groups
  • User and group licenses
  • User Directories
  • Platform and repository configuration
  • Platform navigation bar dynamic links
  • Repository objects

Step-by-step guide

Note that this requires Administrator permissions on the iGrafx Origins Platform.

  1. Log on to the iGrafx Origins Platform
  2. Navigate to the Support section of the Administration area
  3. Click the System Cache or Maintenance tab depending on version
  4. Click the Clear System Cache button

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