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Desktop Client: Cannot checkout documents - "Unable to create the file. Make sure you have rights to access the directory."


When you try to open an IGX document from your iGrafx Cloud or DataCenter platform in your Desktop application/FlowCharter you might receive an error 0x800050a21 with an error text

Unable to create the file. Make sure you have rights to access the directory. 


You need write permission on your local repository folder the iGrafx Desktop application is using for its working drafts.

If you do not have write permission on the standard installation path or the path that is currently set (because it is on a network share or other restricted resource), the solution is to change your repository path to a location where your user has write permissions. Checking out (even for viewing) and editing diagrams, external files or other documents using the Desktop Clients requires these permissions. Should you not know or have access to any locations on your computer that have write permissions and are not temporary folders, please contact to your IT helpdesk to work with you in providing a suitable location.


  1. Open the Desktop client
  2. Go to Repositories
  3. Select Options 
  4. Set up the location of the iGrafx repository folder in your “My Documents folder” (this is usually a location where you are allowed to create files)

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