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18.3.8 Datacenter Release Highlights


Export Object History to Excel

Download the history of an object to an Excel file to analyze the object history details.

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Export an object’s history to an Excel file to analyze the history in greater detail.

Navigate to an object → History → scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Download as Excel”

When searching for specific changes made in an object’s history use features in Excel such as filter and sort to get detailed insights more quickly.


Video Support in Shape Text

Add videos to the “text” portion of shapes.

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Include videos in shape text to explain the step with a video.

  • Click into a shape on a diagram that you have checked out

  • Find and click on the video button in the shape context menu that appears when you can edit the text of a shape

  • Add a URL to the shape that links to a video

  • Click on the image of the video to watch the video

Use videos to make your diagrams more engaging and relatable when the process or activity needs to be seen, not read.

Videos in Shape Text.gif

New Reporting Properties

New query properties are available to report on which users are Watching objects.

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The new properties are:

  • requiredGroupWatchers

  • requiredUserWatchers

  • electiveWatchers

Find out more about Reporting Properties here

Find out more about Watchers here

Early Access

How to enable Early Access features

How to enable Early Access features

  1. Go to Administration → Server Settings

  2. Navigate to the Early Access tab

  3. Toggle the Early Access features you would like to enable


New Diagram Experience

The New Diagram Experience Early Access feature continues to undergo major improvements. If you turn this feature on and have feedback on where we are headed we would like to hear from you. Please submit a ticket to the Service Desk to do so.

This feature may be turned on or off by users individually while the feature is in Early Access, separately from the Server Setting. Navigate to: Profile Picture in top right → My Profile → Early Access and toggle New Diagram Experience


Note: This update changes left and right mouse button functions when the New Diagram Experience Early Access feature is enabled. Learn more about UI Plans in the Product Blog.

  • Left click hold mouse dragging does group/lasso selecting

  • Right click hold mouse dragging does panning

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