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18.3.5 Cloud Release Highlights

Cycles - Default Cycle Schedule Configurability

The default setting for scheduled cycle intervals is now configurable.

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When a cycle is set to recur on an interval a default interval length is proposed. This default length may now be changed.

  • Out of the Box, the default interval is 26 weeks

  • Update this default interval if your organization has a standard interval for which it needs to perform recurring cycles, thereby reducing clicks users must make to setup standard review cycles

  • Adjust the default cycle interval via new config variable igrafx.repository.CycleScheduleInterval

Details of igrafx.repository.CycleScheduleInterval are available via the API

Navigate to the API documentation via logging into Process360 Live Process Design → Administration → Support → REST API → iGrafx Platform API Documentation → Administration → Repository Management → Get repository configuration variables

IQL - New IQL properties to report on Group and User role assignments

New IQL properties are available to report on group and user role assignments.

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Build reports that return role assignments for users and groups

Two new IQL properties are available:

  • groupRoleAssignments

  • userRoleAssignments

Learn more about these and other IQL properties

Early Access

How to enable Early Access features

How to enable Early Access features

  1. Go to Administration → Server Settings

  2. Navigate to the Early Access tab

  3. Toggle the Early Access features you would like to enable

Diagramming - New Diagram Experience

The diagramming interface is updated to include two sidebars with more features moved out of the top menu.

Note: This early access feature will see more significant changes in functionality and user experience for the next several releases compared to many early access features. 

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Features in the top bar, most notably in the Arrange menu, are moved to a new sidebar to be more exposed

  • Contextual tools are on the right sidebar and non-contextual tools are on the left sidebar

  • Introduction of left and right sidebar panels enables improvements in workflows that regularly toggle between two tool drawers

  • The left and right side panels may be opened simultaneously, reducing clicks and context switching requirements for certain workflows

  • Ribbon style sidebars make features more findable

Documentation to Learn More

Note: Documentation may contain information on additional features soon to be released as the documentation is updated between release cycles


Diagramming - Unconstrained shape label placement 

Shape labels, including those from Display Fields, may be placed anywhere on the diagram and maintain their relative position to the shape

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Note: This functionality is behind the Process Metrics early access feature flag. Enable Process Metrics to use this feature.

  • Shape labels are no longer constrained to a limited distance from a shape

  • Users setting up Journey Maps may now use label functionality to represent different roles or steps in the Journey Map

unconstrained display fields.gif

Visual Updates

List of minor visual updates made in 18.3.5

This list of visual updates is provided for customers that need specific awareness of UI updates to Process360 Live Design.

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Vertical divider between Object Tree and Viewing pane updated from thick blue bar to thin grey bar

Note: Special attention was given to maintain the size of the hitbox that allows users to resize the object tree

Two different global repository icons have been merged into a single grey icon



Many icons are updated from .png to .svg so they appear less pixelated at all display sizes

The same icons are used, they will now appear slightly sharper / less pixelated

The top bar had the following changes:

  • Search bar is centered and shortened in length with a grey background

  • Help icon is updated

  • Alert / Notifications Icon is updated

  • Profile buttons without an image are a grey circle with white text representing initials of first and last name

Product Blog

The Product team has started a new blog. Check out the blog if you want to learn more about what the Product team at iGrafx is thinking.

New blog posts since the last Release:

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