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23.11.20 Product Blog and Release Highlights

Product Blog and Release Highlights

by Sr. Product Manager Samuel Greer

Product Blog

My name is Samuel Greer and I am a Sr. Product Manager at iGrafx. I speak for the Product team here saying that we want more venues to connect with our community, in particular those that use our tool day-in and day-out and that want to be engaged with us. We have plans for more ways to engage with you and your teams, such as live quarterly webinars on our recently delivered features, community forums, a dedicated ideas portal that ties into our roadmap, and more. This blog is a place for the Product team to share what we're working on as well as discussing our thought process. We may need to iterate on this blog and hope you'll provide feedback on the format, topics, and how to engage you better.

To set some initial expectations:

  • We'll be sharing our thoughts and plans – as is the nature of plans, not everything will materialize as might be discussed here
  • The primary intended audience are iGrafx Process360 Live Admins, Architects, or others that are deeply invested in our product working to champion Process360 Live in their organization
  • We'll try to keep these posts less marketing "buzzwordy"
  • These will often be longer posts, as compared to the Release Highlights
  • These will often be stream of thought posts and may be less organized or formal
  • In an effort for transparency, expect to see recognition of some of our misses
  • Posting frequency may be sporadic and topics may be quite varied
  • When the Product blog has one or more updates a link will be included near the bottom of the Release Highlights

Release Highlights

Our Release Highlights format updated significantly at the start of 2023. Many of you have provided positive feedback about the changes (thank you!) though a handful of common questions have come in on this topic.

  • Our objectives with Release Highlights are to convey all the new feature updates that are actively available for you to use in an update and to do so while conveying what the value of the update is to you in the briefest possible way.
  • We focus on brevity in the Release Highlights because more people read them when they are shorter
  • The gifs in the release highlights can usually be enlarged by right clicking on them and viewing them in a new browser window or by downloading them and viewing the downloaded file
  • I've received feedback that some of the gifs are just a little too fast so we'll focus on trying to slow them down a bit while still keeping them short and sweet
  • If you're wondering "where are the rest of the details not in the highlights" they fall into a few categories:
    • Security updates (CVEs). We always keep the product up-to-date with the latest security findings
    • Bugs. We do our best to follow up with and notify customers that have submitted bug tickets that a bug is fixed. Syncing tickets to fixes can be tricky, so we do our best here
    • Incomplete features. New or updated features are constantly in development though we don't start making updates in the Release Highlights until features start to become available in Early Access
    • Very minor UI changes. Sometimes we make small changes to drive for more consistency in the app, or more alignment with web standards that we believe won't impact user flow. These often don't make it to Release Highlights. We have received feedback from several customers on this, read more in the UI Changes section
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