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Why do reports and item properties state an object version is approved when it is not


When running a report against an object or looking at the item properties tab of an object that supports approval cycles, Approved indicates a value of true , despite the object version not currently being an effective approved version.


For objects that can have approval cycles, the property is set to true once the specified version of an object completes at least one successful approval cycle. After that, the Approved property will always be true . This is different from the currently effective approved version (of which there can only ever be one per object).



In reports, you can use the "Approved Version" radio button to ensure you are only looking at object versions that are currently effective approved.

Object Details

It is possible to see if the object version is currently effective on the Item Properties panel by looking at the version info bar at the top. If the version contains an outlined green circle, the version was previously approved but is not currently effective. If the circle is entirely green, the version is approved and currently effective. Additionally, all versions of the object that were ever approved, as well as their effective dates are available on the history tab, if the user has the "See History" permission.

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