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Web BPMN Diagram Elements with Automation

Here is a list of web BPMN diagram elements with Automation properties.

Element NameVisualComments

At least one Pool is required. Multiple Pools are allowed in the diagram, but message flow is not automated between Pools.

It's good practice to assign a user or group to the Lane. By default, tasks within a Lane are performed by the group or user assigned to it.
Selected "Task" Shapes

The "Generic Task", "Manual Task", "Automatic Task", "Automated Service Task" and "User Task" can all perform automation tasks and events.

The "Send Task" and "Script Task" are special – see descriptions below.


The first Event is the "Start" Event and requires Owner, Starter, and Deployer definitions. The last Event in a flow can have "end complete process" selected to cancel other parallel flows.
Send Task

Sends automation emails.
Script Task

Performs automation events only and no tasks.

Indicates a timer wait and can perform Events. The shape text can indicate the duration of the wait, but a timer is not initiated by a Signal shape.
Exclusive Gateway

Branches the automation flow. Parallel gateways also branch the automation flow, but there are no automation properties on parallel gateways.

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