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Problems with referrals during Active Directory import


When importing from an Active Directory that uses referrals it's possible the import can fail with the error "Root exception is Connection timed out: connect]". These are typically due to DNS issues in the network.


The provided steps require the iGrafx Platform version 16.3.2 or later.


There are three possible solutions as a workaround:

  • Modify your filter to exclude the groups that need referral
  • Disable the ability to follow referrals. You can do this by passing in the start-up parameter igrafx.usercentral.ldap.referrals="ignore"
  • Access the global catalog:

If you were using the port 389 change it to 3268

If you were using the port 636 change it to 3269

The possible ramifications are

  • If you only have one domain, there shouldn't be any adverse effects
  • If you have multiple domains, cross-domain memberships will not be resolved

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