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Deleting folders that contain checked out objects

In the iGrafx Platform, deletion of folders that contain checked out External Files, Diagrams and other content may not be possible. You can use an ad-hoc list report to search for the objects that need to be checked in to successfully.

Step-by-step guide

These steps cover what is necessary to find all objects that need to be checked in for the deletion to work

  1. Write down the ID of the object you are trying to delete by navigating to it and writing the number from the URL down (e.g. /obj/721 would mean the object ID is  721)
  2. Click on the main menu and open Reporting 
  3. Click on Design Report 
  4. Select Generic List or Table  for the report type
  5. Click Continue
  6. For the Filter input field, use the below expression and replace ? with the object ID from step 1

    isCheckedOut=true and ancestor.ID=?
  7. For the Properties input field use

    checkedOutDate checkedOutTo isCheckedOut
  8. Check Latest Version 
  9. Click Finish 
  10. A list with all objects that are checked out appears. You can now open each of them and either check them in (if they are checked out to you) or have an administrator use the Undo Checkout  feature on the Details  tab of the respective object

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