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Diagramming - Select Every Shape

Select every shape on a diagram of the same type

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Right click a shape in a diagram to select every shape in the diagram of the same type.

  • Improve productivity by selecting all shapes of the same type on a diagram in two clicks

  • Improve productivity by not accidentally selecting shape of the wrong type

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Rest API - Update properties of External File Objects

Users with permissions to update properties of External File Objects may use the REST API to update properties of External File Objects

See API details at: Administration → Support → REST API → iGrafx Platform API Documentation → API → External Files → External Files → Update Properties on External File

Early Access

How to enable Early Access features

How to enable Early Access features

  1. Go to Administration → Server Settings

  2. Navigate to the Early Access tab

  3. Toggle the Early Access features you would like to enable

Diagramming - Metrics

Overlay metrics in diagrams to generate operational intelligence.

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  • Add metrics to process objects to analyze your processes and quickly determine where to focus efforts for improvement

  • Create compelling 1-page stories to help executives see where action needs to be taken

  • Align teams around processes based on real outcomes

  • Explore specific paths within a diagram and see how metric totals adjust for each path

  • Heatmaps allow users to immediately identify high and low points in a process via color coding

  • Set metrics based on repository level or diagram defined Custom Properties

Learn more here.

Process Metrics.gif

Anti-Virus Scanning

Scan external files for viruses when uploaded and downloaded in Process360 Live to keep your business safe.

Learn more here.

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