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18.2.6 Cloud Release Highlights

Diagramming - Paths

Path functionality is significantly expanded, including support for parallel paths and paths with multiple start and end points.

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Paths functionality has been enhanced in a variety of areas.

  • Selecting multiple paths highlights each path in a different color (which is listed in the paths list). Note that the Narrative view button is disabled when multiple paths are selected

  • Paths are differentiated through shape and line color, as well as line and arrowhead thickness; this functionality is also present when the diagram is checked in

  • Set multiple start and end points, and click lines to add them as waypoints

  • Diagram elements not included in paths are faded out, and dashed lines to disconnected shapes can now be removed

  • Use iGrafx API to collect complex path data

  • Path selection will now be displayed when exporting to image; multi-path selection can also be exported

  • Enter a URL to navigate to a diagram that already has the desired path highlighted

Repository Search - Search by Object ID

Find objects in a repository by Object ID with the new Search functionality. 

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Enter an Object ID as a search term to quickly navigate to a repository Object.

Increase productivity by navigating directly to objects you interact with frequently.

  • Enter an Object ID and press Enter to see your search results

  • Filter by Object ID in the Search Results page

  • Early Access Feature: Quick Search

    • Option to select Object ID as a filter in Quick Search dropdown

Note: Object ID's may be added to search result column headings or extracted from URLs

Example:  The Object ID for the URL above is 258

Learn more about paths here

Editing - Bulk Selection in Contains area

Select multiple objects for editing in the Contains area of Model Tree Folders and Enterprise Objects.

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Select objects in the Contains area to:

  • Manage Cycles

  • Move

  • Copy

  • Delete

Note: Not all objects have all cycles available; the cycle management area will list cycles common to all selected objects.

Diagramming - Hide Pool Headers

Pool headers can now be hidden.

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Adjust the appearance of diagrams by optionally hiding Pool headers.

  • Select a Pool and toggle the Hide Header option in the Diagramming Properties panel

Note: When error checking is on, Pools in the top-level process of a BPMN diagram show an error when their header is hidden.

Early Access

Early Access provides an opportunity to explore our latest features before they are released to the world! These features are still in-development and we would love your feedback. 

How to enable Early Access features

How to enable Early Access features

Option 1: System Administrators

  1. Go to Administration → Server Settings

  2. Navigate to the Early Access tab

  3. Toggle the Early Access features you would like to enable

Option 2: Individual Users

  1.  Go to Profile → My Profile

  2. Navigate to the Early Access tab

  3. Toggle the Early Access features you would like to enable

Note: Not all Early Access features can be enabled from the Profile area. 

System Administrators:

Individual Users:

Diagramming - Diagram Defined Custom Properties Early Access

Create custom properties at the diagram level.

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Diagram Defined Custom Properties Early Access

Similar to Custom Properties configured for a repository, modeling data can now be stored at a diagram level.

  • Capture information not predefined in iGrafx

  • A variety of property types are available for customization (text, number, Date/Date and Time, true/false, selection list, repository relation, duration, distance, and percent)

  • Limit the data displayed by selecting shape types for it to appear on

  • Display Fields and Custom Properties panels will update automatically

Learn more about Diagram Defined Custom Properties here.

Diagramming - Shape Numbering Improvements

The Shape Numbering interface has been updated with ease of use in mind.

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Shape Numbering Improvements

Shape Numbering is now easier to use.

  • This Early Access feature flag is enabled by default

  • The Shape Numbering Improvements feature flag can be toggled in the Profile area, as well as in the Administration area

  • Display shape numbers for all shapes, or selected shapes

  • Number shapes manually, or use the Auto renumber functionality

Learn more about using the Shape Numbering Improvements here.

Visio Import Improvements

  • Importing more than one VSD and VSDX files no longer automatically checks out those files

    • Note: VSD or VSDX files uploaded individually will still be checked out by default on upload

  • Refreshing the page after importing Visio files resets all checkboxes, eliminating the need to deselect files that have already been imported

General Improvements

Dialog - Improved Focus

Dialogs that have a single input box may be typed in immediately without needing to select the input box before typing. 

Repository Tree - Updated Look

  • The repository tree expand/collapse button is increased in size to make it easier to find and select

  • The repository tree expand/collapse performance is increased

  • The repository tree scroll bar is updated to be consistent with the rest of the the Process Design platform

Automation - Appearance

Automation diagram properties panel no longer appears without an active Automation module, decluttering the diagram area.

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