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Chapter 2.1: Shape Numbering

Showing/Hiding Shape Numbers

  1. Click the icon in the top toolbar
  2. You can choose to toggle the visibility of any shape numbers for All shapes or for currently Selected shapes only

Renumbering Shapes

  1. Click the Start button to enter Renumbering mode
  2. While in this mode, your cursor's appearance will change to a magic wand as you hover over the diagram. Clicking on any shape will open an input that allows you to change its number
  3. Click Done button in the Shape Numbering panel to exit this mode

Automatic Renumbering Shapes

  1. Click to expand the Auto renumber section of the Shape Numbering panel
  2. Choose All or Selected shapes and a Starting number to use
  3. After selecting the desired options, click the Renumber button to automatically renumber your shapes

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