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What is the difference between UI language and content language

When working with the iGrafx Platform, there are two language choices to make. This article explains the main difference between the two choices, and some of the effects they have.

UI and Notifications Language

This is the language the end user can choose in their profile settings. It determines what language the UI elements (buttons, menus etc.) of the platform are being displayed in, as well as what language any notification emails get sent out in to that user. In default installations, the user has to pick a UI language upon their first login. The only available choices are the languages provided by iGrafx with the product and a list can be found here: Language Support

Content Language

The content language determines what language any user-translatable content within a repository is displayed as. This includes object names, summary, purpose and instructions as well as diagram content and various other data. Every repository can have one or more content languages, and users can only pick content languages that are supported by the repositories when translating objects or other text.

Common Questions

Why do new users not get to choose language X on the selection screen on first login, even though it was configured as a language by our administrator?

This is most likely because some or all of the repository language(s) for your repository are not included in our builtin UI and notification languages. On first login, the user can only choose between the languages listed in the Language Support article in the Platform UI column (even those that are not configured as content languages)

Why is my object name or other repository content not displayed in the language I have chosen in my profile

There are two situations when repository content like object names etc. are not displayed in the language you have set up in your profile:

  1. The repository does not contain your configured language as a valid choice. Talk to your repository administrator to verify this, or, if you have the permissions, you can check under Repository Configuration → Languages
  2. The object does not yet have a translation in the language you have chosen. In that case, the best suited translation available will be shown. This can either be the repository default language or the language in which the translation was originally added.

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