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Search Platform Content

To Search Platform Content

  1. In the top left frame of the iGrafx Platform display, click the search button
  2. Type a search term and press Enter

Search Details

  • Searches are case-insensitive. Searching for "Order" produces the same results as searching for "order".
  • There is no "phrase search". If you want to find a phrase, then type the words into the search bar without quotes. You should find the phrase but you’ll also find results that have all of those words.
  • Search results don't display items that you don't have permission to view.
  • Use the Asterisk and Minus characters for wildcard searches. For example, a search for “auto* -diesel” may return all results with the words “auto,” “automotive,” and “automobile,” but only if the word “diesel” is also not in the results.
  • The Platform (via browser) and Client produce the same results
  • If your search filter includes non-iGrafx documents are searched then these file types are searched:
    • HTML
    • Text files (.txt files)
    • Rich text (.rtf) files
    • PDF (Except for encrypted PDF files)
    • Microsoft office .doc, .docx, .xls, xlsx, .ppt, .pptx files
    • OpenOffice .odt, .ods, .odp files
    • JPG files (.jpg files)

Search Filter

To filter the results, select options in the one of the filter option boxes: 

If no filters are checked for either the "Object Types" or "File Extensions" folders then all listed types and extensions are displayed.

"Search in" Details

This table describes how the "Search in" switches affect the search results:

Item NamesSearch text in item names (e.g. enterprise object names, file names, etc).
Summary/PurposeSearch text in item summary and purpose fields.
Custom PropertiesSearch text in item custom property fields.
Custom properties are defined by your repository administrator and are displayed on the Item Properties tab of an item.
Other TextSearch text in diagram shape labels, graphics, text objects (including decision text), and shape fields but not shape notes.
NotesSearch text in diagram shape notes.
Swimlane NamesSearch text in diagram swimlane names.
Non-iGrafx FilesSearch text in non-iGrafx files.
Object IDsSearch by the ID of the object found in the URL. Searches must only contain numbers and do not work with asterisks or minuses. 

Quick Search

(warning) This feature is considered Early Access, and may be disabled on your instance by your system administrator. If disabled, regular searching can still be done using the process described above.

When Quick Search is enabled, when enter is hit, instead of loading the search page, a drop down with results appears below the search bar. 

Only up to five results can be displayed on this drop down. To see the rest, you can click View All which takes you to the advanced search page that is described above. You can also get back to the original search UI by hitting Advanced Search.

Search Filter

Quick search has three filters. All Results, Object Names, and Object IDs. 

  1. All Results searches all possible object content, names, and object IDs. 
  2. Object Names searches using item names (e.g. enterprise object names, file names, etc).
  3. Object IDs searches by the ID of the object found in the URL. Searches must only contain numbers and do not work with asterisks or minuses.    

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