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Where Used

Process diagrams often have shapes that reference non-iGrafx, External Files  (e.g., PDF, Word Document, etc.) that provide supporting documentation about the process flow. For example, a shape might link to a Word Document with detailed operating procedures.

In addition, enterprise objects (e.g. Processes, Resources, Requirements, etc. ) can have "Documented By" relationships to External Files that give additional detail about the enterprise object.

For change and impact analysis, it's good to know where an External File is being referenced. For example, before modifying an External File, you might want to know what repository elements refer to that file.

To view where non-iGrafx (External) files are referenced by Client (e.g. FlowCharter) diagram shapes:

  1. Select an External File (non .igx file) via the Repository tree
  2. Click on the RELATIONSHIPS tab.
  3. Expand the Object Links - Linked By section as shown below:

Currently, only links from Client diagrams are displayed. Links from web diagrams are not displayed in the "Object Links - Linked By" section.

To view where External Files are referenced by enterprise object "Documented by" relationships:

  1. Select an External File via the Repository tree
  2. Click the RELATIONSHIPS tab
  3. Expand the Incoming Relationships section 
  4. View the Documents row 

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