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Process Narrative

The Process Narrative is an iGrafx desktop client extension that takes data from an open document (an ‘.igx’ file) to produce and format a report stored as a Microsoft Word document.  It is not shipped with the product but can be requested via the iGrafx Support Portal or by contacting your iGrafx Account Manager.  It is installed just like any other desktop application. See "Notes" below for extending the reports available.

After installing, follow these steps to create a Process Narrative report;

  1. On the File menu, choose Publish As and then choose Process Narrative in Word.

  2. Choose a Report Template to use from the drop-down list or click the Browse button
    to choose a different template.

    "Document History" is the default template shipped with the product but your administrator may install alternative templates.

  3. The Included Diagrams section of the dialog displays the diagrams which will be published.
  4. Click OK.

In a multi-diagram document, to change the Included Diagrams list:

  1. Before performing the Process Narrative in Word command, on the File menu, choose Print.
  2. Select These Components under Print What and click the Choose button to select document components in the Choose Print Components dialog box.
  3. Use the Choose Components dialog to Add the diagrams to Include in the narrative publish and set the Order of diagrams to publish with the Up and Down buttons. Then press OK

  4. Click the Close button (not the OK button) when exiting the Print dialog to avoid printing the document.

Additional Notes:

  • If the Title Property in the Word Report Template is set, the Title Property text is used in the drop-down and the file name appears in gray below the drop-down.
  • The Process Narrative uses a “Multi Language” template. There is an English template in the “Sample Templates” folder where the Process Narrative is installed. The picture above shows using the default template.

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