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Linking Diagram Shapes to non-iGrafx (External) Repository Files

iGrafx also allows you to link diagram shapes to non-iGrafx (External) repository files. For example, a shape may represent an activity that is explained by a Word document detailing the procedure. If a user viewing the diagram wants to read the procedure, they follow a link on the shape to display the document.

Both Client-authored and web-authored diagram shapes can link to external files stored in a repository.

See Adding non-iGrafx (External) Files to a Repository for instructions for adding supporting documents to a repository.

 To link a Client-authored diagram shape to an external repository file:

  1. Open or check out an iGrafx document with a Client (e.g. iGrafx FlowCharter)
  2. Select any shape or text element in a diagram that can have a link
  3. Choose the Insert menu (Standard toolbar) and then choose Link
  4. In the left frame, choose Repository Link 
  5. Using the Repository Tree, navigate to the location of the applicable Web Address object and select it
  6. Click OK
  7. Add or check-in the document to the repository

Some additional link options are available for specifying the link behavior when a Client diagram is viewed by a Client tool. These options do not modify the link behavior when the diagram is viewed in the repository via browser.

After Step 5 above:

  • Specify a Description. This sets the menu name for the link when a shape is right-clicked
  • Select a Key Modifier by pressing Shift, Ctrl, or Alt key. For example, if Shift is entered, then a Client user can hold the Shift key and double-click the shape to open the linked document.

To link a Web-authored diagram shape to an external repository file:

Link a web diagram shape to a repository file:

  1. Right-click a web diagram shape and choose Add Link to Shape
  2. In the Link to setting, leave Repository Object selected
  3. Click CONTINUE
  4. In the Path field, type the (partial) name of any Word document stored in your repository. For example, if the repository contained a document named "Perform Task Two Instructions.docx", then typing "Perform" in the Path field will display the document name. Alternatively, you can click the Search icon to find the desired document.

  5. Click a document 
  6. For example, if "Perform Task Two Instructions.docx" is clicked then the Path appears this way:

  7. Click FINISH

    The shape is displayed with a Link icon 

To link web-authored diagram text to an external repository file:

  1. With a browser, in the repository tree, select a web diagram
  2. If the diagram is not displayed in the right frame then click the DIAGRAM tab
  3. If the diagram is not checked out, click File and then click Check Out
  4. Click a shape or text element once and then click it again
  5. Select one or more text characters as show below:

    Original ShapeAfter Selecting TextAfter CREATE LINK
    (step 9 below)

  6. Click the Link icon 
  7. Click Repository Object and click CHOOSE 
  8. In the Choose Object dialog, you can:
    1. Type the name of an existing external file in the Search field and select it when found
    2. Click the Search button 
       and select an external file
    3. Click the Show Tree switch, expand folders, and select an external file object
  9. Click CREATE LINK
  10. Click outside the selected shape

To navigate a shape or text link with a browser

  • For a Client-authored diagram shape linked to an external file, click the linked shape
  • For a web-authored diagram shape linked to an external file:
    1. Click the icon adjacent to the shape
    2. Click a document name (there can be more than one document link on a shape)
    3. Click VIEW FILE
    4. To close the viewing pane, click outside it
  • For a web-authored diagram text linked to an external file, click the linked shape text

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